2022 Surf College Cup

Event Overview:

Welcome to the 2022  SAN DIEGO SURF COLLEGE CUP.  The Surf College Cup will be held November 25- November 27, 2022 and is a Class I Tournament open to USYSA, US Club Soccer, USSSA, and FIFA affiliated teams. The Surf College Cup is a tournament that is a nationally recognized premier tournament, rated among the top in the United States.

We will offer calendar-year age group flights for U15 (2008) U16 (2007), U17 (2006), and U19 (2004/05). Teams can roster up to 22 players for USYSA and USSSA and 26 players for US Club Soccer, but only 18 players may be eligible to play per game.

Boys games will be played at the Surf Cup Sports Park in Del Mar and girls games will be played at the SoCal Soccer Complex in Oceanside. Each venue has 20 plus full-sized fields and will be attended by an estimated 500 college coaches.

This event will have a  tournament/showcase format. Teams will be placed in brackets of 8 and games will start in the Quarter-Finals. Teams will play 3 80-minute games over Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Games can not end in a tie so any game that is tied at the end of regulation will be moved to our PK Shootout Zone where pk's will take place until a winner of the game can be determined so let the fun and competition begin! The schedule will be predetermined A1 v A8, etc and if a team wins they move into the winners bracket. If a team loses the team will be moved to the consolation bracket. CLICK HERE to view the new tournament format.

Game times for each game will be predetermined so while you may not know who your opponent will be after your first game, you'll know what time and which field your game will be on based on whether you win or lose.

Registration Deadline is October 1, 2022 at midnight. Teams will be notified by October 8th of their status for this event. This event is sanctioned by US Club Soccer.

Fees are $1795/team. Games will start as early as 7:30 on Friday and will end, each day before dark as there are no lights on any of the fields.

Start Date

Nov 25, 2022

End Date

Nov 27, 2022

Event Charge

See Charges

Application Submission Deadline

Nov 20, 2022 11:59 PM

Allowed Player's Age Groups:
Boys: U15 U16 U17 U19
Girls: U15 U16 U17 U19

Refund Policy:

Accepted teams that request to drop from the tournament prior to the October 1, 2022 application deadline will be entitled to a full refund less a $75 administration fee and less the credit card processing fee.
Any accepted team is not entitled to a refund for any reason after the October 1, 2022 application deadline.
Submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance; Notwithstanding the foregoing, if a governmental order cancels the event or prevents your team from traveling to the event, you will receive a full refund minus any credit card processing transaction fee.